Decentralized Identity Checkout

Meet millions of users as returning customers with Universal Shopping ID REQUEST A PRODUCT

How Wallid improve maineCommerce challenges in 2023

High (69%) cart abandonment

> Simplified one click checkout increase convertion

Low (30%) trust to company data storage

> Decentralized Personal & Payment data storage that controlled by user

Cyber security and eCommerce fraud

> Build in KYC verified by user’s Bank or ID Wallet

One-Time buyers are the majority of sales

> 30+ million users with pre-filled checkout form and convertion similar to returning customers

Payment processing cost & time

> Real time customer to merchan bank account payment with up to 90% lower processing fees

Universal Shopping ID (DID)

Shopping ID (DID) streamline checkout and payment process, by anchoring a user’s personal and payment information to their DID with secure and tamper-proof record on blockchain

DID, VC & blockchain

DID stands for Decentralized Identifier , which is a
self-sovereign digital identity anchored to a decentralized network like blockchain, giving individuals control over their identity

A verified credential (VC) is a digital representation of a person's identity information, such as their name, date of birth or address, that has been verified. VC can be stored and shared securely using blockchain technology and can be used for proving identity for online transactions.

Average online user has high cart abandonment &
low trust to companies for storage of personal data

The future of e-commerce checkout is based on decentralized identity

Decentralized identifiers (DIDs) as Universal Shopping ID significantly improve e-commerce experience and bring:

  • increased privacy and security,
  • greater control over personal data,
  • reduced risk of data breaches,
  • improved trust in transactions
  • and one click simplified checkout.

Decentralized user’s data for true & secure 1 click shopping experience

How it works

Personal & payment data are verified
Public identifiers of identity are stored on the blockchain for trust
Identities are created encrypted and pseudonymized
Instead of having to re-identify each customer for every action - you request Universal Shopping ID

1-click decentralized identity checkout for your business

Meet millions of users as returning
customers, verified by Bank Apps or ID Wallets

Increase conversion by
more than 20% with true
one click checkout

Be decentralized and…

  • increase privacy and security,
  • provide greater control over personal data,
  • reduce risk of data breaches,
  • improve trust in transactions
  • and simplify checkout!

Simplify & secure your customer’s experience With just few lines of code

Сheck this numbers



The average checkout form contains



Abandon the checkout because find forms too complex.




Would switch the website if it took too long to book.



Trust level

Of consumers in protecting their privacy and data.


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    Decentralized Identity Checkout, based on verified credentials, securely pass personal data together with payment for 1-click checkout

    Universal Shopping ID – a protected decentralized ID footprint that is returning data ownership back to user and provide access to online services in a fast & secure way